Brett Silva’s Eastern Vaquero

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Bike Checks, BMX
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Eastern Bike’s Brett Silva just built up a new Eastern Vaquero. We met up at what appeared to be an abandoned motel to shoot a crazy photo (at the end of the bike check) and grab a few frames of his set up.

Brett ... with his Eastern Vaquero 21.25

Frame:  Eastern Vaquero 21.25    Bars:  Terrible 1  8.85   Fork:  Eastern Hawkeye    Pedals:  Eastern   Cranks:  Eclat   Sprocket:  Shogun 25 tooth   Wheels: Venue’s   (..they can handle the big drops… look at the photos at the end…)  Back Tire:  Fuquay Folding   Front Tire:  Shadow   Headset:  Eastern  Stem:  Animal  Grips: ODI Longnecks   Seat Post:  KInk   Seat:  Duo  Hubs:

What I like best about …..  Best Frame I have ever ridden.  The bigger dropouts in the back make me  feel safe. And it’s the perfect height for me.    BS    I never realized that your intials are B S , just a thought.

Eastern Vaquero 21.25 frame, T1 BArs, Venus wheels...

Eclat Cranks, DUO seat, Kink post...

Eastern Hawkeye Fork, Venus Wheels, Shogun Sprocket...

Homeless biker napping in the way...

Animal Stem, T1 8.85 Bars, Eastern Headset, Shadow Tire...

Here’s a couple of photos of Brett… No explanation needed. Other than to say that he did this 3 times, for three different looks.

Brett Silva ... Motel Launch...

Brett Silva ... Motel Launch... 2

Brett and his ride.......

For more information on Brett’s Eastern Vaquero go to  

Thanks Brett!!!


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