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I have been shooting a lot lately and have stockpiled a bunch of nice pictures that I am sure some  have been waiting to to see. This group is from Skater’s Edge in Taunton, Mass. If you don’t see something here, it may be over on the Flickr page as well.  Be sure to use the back button if you open the photos…..TW

Joe Nelson

Liam Crivellaro ... Table...

Matt Ray at Skater's Edge during a spine mini session

Zach Barube

Billy Drowne

Liam Crivellaro

Joe Nelson

Andrew MArfoli

Nora Vasconcellos

Ryan ...

Chris Childs

Matt Ray ...

Matt Ray..

There are still are still a ton of pictures to post.  A few have been added our Flickr Site (link on the left) and I will be posting more pictures this week. Also, coming soon is a Session of Rye Airfiled Photos.  TW