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I made this a few weeks ago and was in a rush so I didnt have time to Write a description or that haha. Now that i have time can’t remember the vimeo password.

So here it is John Mayo and Bobby Proctor, two of my close friends who kill it with totally different styles. Its awesome how Bmx can sometimes still have unique styles. Bobby the stylie park hipster and the loose canon John. Enjoy

Untitled from Tailwhips on Vimeo.



So I’ve been filming a little bit here and there at some of the local indoor parks in the area and this is the result. Nothing too crazy or fancy but I hope you enjoy!

There is a special guest appearance by Cam Childs, and also I am almost done with a quick little Bobby Proctor & John Mayo split edit with clips that have been hanging around of Bobby and actually getting to ride with John!

song-fortune teller

artist- forest fire

Hey guys, I hope everyone of you is having an awesome New Year so far and are getting your shred on!

This week because Edge was closed I hit up this new skatepark called RAD ( This place is sick, it’s real tight and the ramps aren’t too big but the riders there are awesome and the park has some unique setups to get away from our Skaters Edge back box quarter box quarter set up. They’ve got a nice 4ft mini with extensions and sub boxes that you can use as stepups to flow the parks awesome lines if you can find them. This place is full of tight trannys and odd ramps that are super fun when you get warmed up from this blistering cold!  Unfortunately Bobby Proctor, 5 minutes into riding fell on a down whip and is out of riding for a bit but you can expect to see myself there on some Thursdays and also Bobby when he’s all healed up.

Here’s a few photos of myself from still shots by Derek Klegraefe from an upcoming edit. Thanks Derek!

check this guy out! local shredder mike wilson!

step up!

the best quarter in the place

Not only does Bobby Proctor wear some of the best sweaters in BMX, he can be quite the wordsmith as well. This popped up on my facebook page the other day. It was a homework assignment. I’d give him an A+

Bobby Proctor I’ve grown up on you, Been pedaling since two.You’re green and cruddy. Don’t wash you when you’re muddy.Always dirty as hell.Black stem, wheel, crank, and seat. Some say I bought you complete. Always shred the treads. My rear white wall, going to sh*t the bed.Dad and Kids Bike Co, Make them wheels go. Still have the cheapest …chain. No clear coat, so it rusts in the rain.I wake up and think to go out and shred. I think the same thing as I collapse into bed. Look down at my stickers and circuit stickers Completely visible while doing motto whippers Bar spins, tabletops, turndowns, and tucks All my talent on this, some say I got it by luck.The bike that I own is a good friend of mine.He fell real hard no so far back then,It’s called the Fit Aitken…….