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Liam Crivellaro spent the afternoon filming with Chris Childs, of DK Bikes, for Chris’s sponsor Index Ink.


I have been shooting a lot lately and have stockpiled a bunch of nice pictures that I am sure some  have been waiting to to see. This group is from Skater’s Edge in Taunton, Mass. If you don’t see something here, it may be over on the Flickr page as well.  Be sure to use the back button if you open the photos…..TW

Joe Nelson

Liam Crivellaro ... Table...

Matt Ray at Skater's Edge during a spine mini session

Zach Barube

Billy Drowne

Liam Crivellaro

Joe Nelson

Andrew MArfoli

Nora Vasconcellos

Ryan ...

Chris Childs

Matt Ray ...

Matt Ray..

There are still are still a ton of pictures to post.  A few have been added our Flickr Site (link on the left) and I will be posting more pictures this week. Also, coming soon is a Session of Rye Airfiled Photos.  TW

I’ve been working quite a bit, riding and doing alot of band things.

At the shop I work at Union Cylce in Attleboro, Ma 77 pleasant st ( and we are having crazy deals on last years Fit parks, Trl, and Techs and also on alot of Mirracos. We’ve chopped off 100 bucks on some! So if you know someone who wants a sweet deal on a bike come check us out!

Some other news that’s happening is that I will be receiving my flow package from Orchid sometime this week! Super stoked on that and everything bikes! The weather has been pretty awesome out so I hope you’re all out killing it!

Last thing I’ve been up to is my band Remainder, we have pre orders up on our new album “The Frozen World Thawed” If you like fast loud music you should give us a chance!

shred on!!


I know I’m day late but I hope you all had an awesome Easter! The weather is starting to clear up and looks like spring riding is in full force.
Shaun Gingras and I went to one of our favorite spots recently and shot a photo that he’s been wanting to shoot of me for months now.
Here’s the photo, and a little edit that went along with the quick in and out session we had.

Ruben Wallride

30 Minutes by the water from chris childs on Vimeo.

I made this a few weeks ago and was in a rush so I didnt have time to Write a description or that haha. Now that i have time can’t remember the vimeo password.

So here it is John Mayo and Bobby Proctor, two of my close friends who kill it with totally different styles. Its awesome how Bmx can sometimes still have unique styles. Bobby the stylie park hipster and the loose canon John. Enjoy

Untitled from Tailwhips on Vimeo.


So I’ve been filming a little bit here and there at some of the local indoor parks in the area and this is the result. Nothing too crazy or fancy but I hope you enjoy!

There is a special guest appearance by Cam Childs, and also I am almost done with a quick little Bobby Proctor & John Mayo split edit with clips that have been hanging around of Bobby and actually getting to ride with John!

song-fortune teller

artist- forest fire

I just recently put out an edit featured on check it out!

So this weekend is the Toronto Jam! super excited for all the fun and crazy riding!
one guy to keep an eye out for is Drew Bezanson, here’s a pic so you know why!

Massive Ice Pick

After seeing that not much more needs to be said. So check for updates and info during the weekend!