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Check out what i got for ya!

X-mas is here and what better way to support a local shop than to come on in say hello while I’m working and take home some products!?

We just got in Sunday completes yesterday and they look sick! So if you’re looking for a new complete that’s all hooked up and looks fresh check our shop blog UnionCycle Bmx. If you’re interested in any DK products check out the DK Webstore for some possible deals on chains, random wrenches and more!

Check out the new Sundays!

If anyone comes in with a rear cover of BmxPlus! that I’m on I’ll will hook it up with 10% off  our products in the shop!

DK Passport, Volume RJ20R and other products!

This will last till X-Mas so be quick and try to get a hold of my schedule!! Come on in and give me some company and help bring Bmx back to the shop like its 2000 again!  If I don’t see you at the shop I’ll see you at Skaters Edge every Wednesday 6-9 due to the cold! See you soon!

-Chris Childs