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So here’s a some photos from what i was up to the past few months!!

This photo was shot in the woods of PA by Jeff Brockmeyer. Myself and the Circuit Bmx crew took a trip out for The Heathens year end halloween jam. The trails were more than i could have asked for and the weather was amazing! Hopefully this year hits us with some awesome weather like this past year so we can hit the streets,parks and trails!

This is by far one of my favorite pictures this season, which you can catch as a two page spread in your new DK Bikes catalog! Barcelona was a treat for riding and the beaches were just as awesome. This spot is pretty crazy, there are 3 of these humps and benches. I chose to pedal down a street avoiding traffic and a pedestrian to launch off the larger hump over the bigger of the two chair gaps. Needless to say I was relieved to come away clean. Thanks Vincent Perraud for the photo!

Finally I would like to welcome the winter season with a Table at Rye.

IPhone 4, thank you Anthony Watkinson

Let’s all welcome the park season with open arms or pray for global warming which I will not be doing,(bring on the snow!) and hit up your local skateparks like Rye Airfield for the 2010 Wicked Jam!!!! December 4th-5th get on it and come ride or watch some of the top pros battle it out!

I’m sitting here at Union Cycle doing my thing, working… trying not to count down the minutes/hours till I get out so I can go ride.Tonight looks to be a good night for some Skaters Edge, so hopefully I’ll see you guys there!!!